Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Socks!!!

Yay!! I have new socks. I'm only excited about this because I made them myself. I've made myself socks before, but I still get very excited when I have new ones. I think these fit my feet the best over any pair I made previously.

Yeah, I'm starting to turn into quite the sock knitter. (I blame the Yarn Harlot entirely, for her books re-introduced me to my love of knitting. She's a cool, cool lady with a heck of a lot of knitterly knowledge. If fate has a heart, we will one day be friends.) For some reason, I don't feel quite right if I don't have at least one pair of socks on the needles. I understand the structure of socks, so I don't need a pattern for a plain sock. When I'm worried, sock knitting makes me feel better (which is good because I worry a lot). And I've never felt as good about knitting as I do when I see my hand-knit socks on my nephews' tiny feet, knowing that my stitches will keep their feet cozy and warm. It heals my heart. The only trouble is that I'm running low on sock yarn and must save money for car repair. Bummer.