Friday, May 30, 2008

The Guardian

I love my dogs. I think more highly of my dogs than I do most people. This is Josie, the smaller of my two dogs. To the casual observer, she appears to be sleeping, but I'm certain she was guarding the ridiculously expensive throw I was knitting. Either way, she's just so sweet all snuggled up against my handiwork. This was the same day she came to my rescue after a movie with a horrible, horrible ending made me cry. She's a good dog and hopped up on the recliner with me to love me and make me feel better. Josie is the best little dog in the world and I love her.

Yes, I know I labeled a post about a dog with "People Who Rock." I happen to think of my dogs as people and they certainly do rock, so I figure it's appropriate.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Since it's been so long between posts, I thought I'd put up something pretty to hopefully break back into more regular posting. This is a tulip from my mother's flower bed. I'm not sure exactly what kind of tulip it is, but it's one of the prettiest flowers in the flower bed. Several years ago, I gave my mother a very early Christmas present consisting of a variety of flower bulbs. I had to give them to her early so she'd have time to plant them before the ground froze that winter. Every year since then, these beautiful tulips bloom in the spring and make me happy to see their lovely colors. This is a rather good photo, too, if I do say so myself.