Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Today I Learned...

...that even though shitty things happen, I can still smile and have fun (well, as much as I can at work anyway).

...that I'm not as terrible at making new friends as I thought.

...that I am witty and delightful. much I really hate it when people touch my hair when not invited to do so (well, I already knew this, so today's incident was really just an affirmation of that previous knowledge).

...that I'm pretty good at finding roundabout ways to say things. much more comfortable my fingertips are with short nails than long nails.

...that even though I often talk a lot, I can be frustrated to the point where words fail me (I hate it when that happens).

...that when in doubt, I should just make a list so I'll have blog fodder.

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