Saturday, July 05, 2008

Thought of the Day

OK, today I received the new issue of Glamour (which I never read and didn't subscribe to, yet somehow get issues every month) and I have to say I hate the cover. I mean seriously, Christina Aguilera's hair looks like the product of a six-year-old's foray into the glamorous and exciting world of Play Doh barber shop hair styling. Neither the color, nor the texture of her hair on that cover occur anywhere in the natural world. I just don't understand...her face looks beautiful, her clothes are casual but classy, yet her hair appears to know the intimate details of all the bleaches available at the local Sally Beauty Supply. I'd like to tell her stylist to back off the peroxide or else I'll cite him/her for follicular homicide. That's all.

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and i dance dance dance said...

Whoah...two posts in rapid succession!?!?

"Folicular homicide." Very nice.