Friday, December 05, 2008

In Which the Blogger Returns

Yeah, it's been awhile. Whatev.

Random Thursday: I got a message today that John Doe* has requested me as a friend on my Facebook page. I had an idea who it was when I clicked the link and damned if I wasn't right. It was this kid (and by kid I just mean person...dude's my age) who friended me on MySpace, like, two years ago. We chatted and such, strictly online friendship, and eventually it got to where we didn't have a whole lot to say. Add to the mix the fact that I was doing more with my free time and online less and the chatting waned even more. So, dude started getting pissy with me because I had a life that wasn't online and told me that if I wanted to stay friends with him, I had to chat more and comment on his page and all this other shit or he'd delete me from his list. Of course, I was just devastated**, but for some reason I didn't take his threats seriously. Thus, I was booted from the list and never heard from him again. Until today*** when I got the message that he requested me on Facebook. Now what I'm wondering is: Why the hell would you friend someone you de-friended two years ago for lack of interest? What's the point? What makes you think that, after being rude and overly demanding of an online friendship two years ago, I would have any interest whatsoever in being friends again? Seriously, are you daft, man?****

*Name changed for spelling reasons, as in I can't spell his name. Oh, and for privacy because I'm just that nice.
**Not really, that was sarcasm.
***Technically it was yesterday, as this was before the clock struck midnight.
****I'm not kidding, I really wanna know.

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Kellycat said...

You have to be careful with facebook. There was a bad virus that went around ... I believe last week. It had to do with friending people.

:) Hey ... hello!

Hugs, Kelly aka.Kellycat