Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Promise Kept

Although I procrastinated, I did knit some on my socks both Monday and Tuesday. I knit a round or two today as well. I'm rather amused by the fact that the endless rounds of stockinette that make the foot (which usually seem to take forever) are taking almost no time at all. The interesting cabled part felt like it took years to was so slow to knit, I almost scrapped the whole project. Perhaps the second sock will go a bit faster. I am, however, planning to put the second sock on hiatus in order to finish the lace scarf I mentioned in a post awhile back (yeah, I'm too lazy to link to it). I was going to make it for myself, but I've decided to make it a birthday present for my sister. It's a color she'll like, I know she appreciates hand knits and I think she'll really like the simple lace pattern. So that's the plan for now...if I get the scarf knit up soon, I won't have to lose too much time on the socks AND it'll feel like I've procrastinated more, fulfilling that need. Yes, I need to feel like I've sufficiently procrastinated on some things...I'm a sick, sick individual.

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