Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wanting to Stray

Recently, I've been noticing that I want very much to abandon all projects I have going right now and make something completely different. I have three projects that I've started, two lace things and a pair of socks, and a few others that are pretty much in the frog pond...I just have to get off my lazy ass and rip them all apart. The problem is that I really must get them all done. I know if I would just buckle down and get at least the socks (which I'm beginning to loathe their obligation-like aura, but that's beside the point) done, I'd feel much better about beginning a sweater for myself. [A short aside here: I have the strangest timing when it comes to projects...I want to knit lightweight stuff in the dead of winter and warm sweaters for myself going into spring...I'm bass-fucking-ackwards if you ask me.] Bah! Stupid socks...I really don't want to work on them at all, but I must as I made a promise to myself. In true procrastinator form, I'll work on them tomorrow.

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And I Dance, Dance, Dance said...

And I'll hold you to that promise. I'll be, like, "hey, man, you're supposed to be, you know, knitting socks today."