Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sure this is a couple of days after the fact, but here is a picture of the hill across from my house the day after all the rain I previously mentioned. It was tricky getting a decent picture, but those trees are covered with ice from the freezing rain we got on Saturday. The sun was shining on them in such a way that everything looked tinsel-covered and sparkly. I haven't seen such beautiful ice in many, many years. I wish the picture came out better...sadly it came out a bit overexposed, even with my hand shadowing the camera a bit. This was the best of all the pictures I took.

Here's another of the same view, only to the left and zoomed out a tad bit (and not quite so shiny). This one has a bit more color and better detail. Still, not quite as magnificent as seeing the sight with my own eyes, but pretty nonetheless. I'm one of those not-so-common people who really, REALLY love winter and all that comes with it. Sights like this only serve to make my love of winter grow.

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