Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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After getting home from work today, I found in the mail a letter from some organization called Biltmore Who's Who. Upon reading the letter, I learned it pertained to placing me on some registry list for a Who's Who Among Executives and Professional Women and 2008 Honors Edition. Apparently the "Publishing Committee" (and yes, that ridiculously vague term was used) thinks that I have potential to be on their registry list based on my "current standing as well as criteria from executive and professional rosters." Hmm...I wonder what the hell gave them the idea that I was a professional or executive. I mean, hell, I work in retail...you can't get much less executive than that.

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Renee said...

8/30/2008 10:22 PM
Just received my copy of the “Biltmore Who’s Who” letter stating that I have been “… recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent the professionals … of”, (fill in the blank with your city and state). Unfortunately I am unemployed and have been bouncing from job to job ever since leaving the military. I barely graduated from college, a tech school of all things. “Who” are they kidding?
Renee, a real person in Arizona