Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Excitement of Sleep

Yeah, I know...random title. I'm sure this will have absolutely nothing to do with sleep, as I'm currently wide awake and in no way, shape or form contemplating the sweet, sweet bliss of dreamland. I did, however, sleep fairly well last night, so I suppose with that teeny little bit, I did mention sleep much more than I had planned. On to other topics.

Yesterday, I finally dug out the breast cancer socks I started knitting months and months ago. I decided to make them last June for a charity raffle that won't actually take place until this coming May. Had I known a few months before the fact, I may have made them for last year's event, but I didn't know the pattern existed until the owner of my LYS happened upon the pattern while we were discussing various charity knitting projects. Yeah, so I started this sock in June (or possibly July, I can't remember), got a little more than half of the leg knit and proceeded on another project (or five). So, the poor partial sock has languished in a knitting bag since then, only to be picked back up yesterday when I realized that I needed to finish the damn things so they'll be done in time for the event (I'm nothing if not a procrastinator). I managed to knit a whole TWO rounds on it yesterday during my work breaks. I know I can crank out a pair of socks in, like, a week and a half, so I should have had these finished by now. Sadly, though, I have a tendency to take a million times longer making things if I feel an obligation to finish them. I don't always have that feeling, but I do now and it sucks. Oh well. I should probably go knit something.

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