Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing to Say

Zip, zero, nada...yeah, I got nothin' at all to say. My brain is so dry right now, I pondered extolling the virtues of Eclipse gum (it's tasty, refreshing, makes my breath all tingly and cold, and clears my sinuses). I briefly contemplated writing about how my lace scarf is coming along, but really it's just longer than it was before, so there's nothing of interest there. I thought I might mention something about work (as a complete last resort), but alas, nothing interesting happened today. It's impractical to go out and do anything to later write about because it's entirely too cold to go out tonight (and it's Monday...what can possibly be interesting on a freakin' Monday). The things I can easily write about are either non-existent or I can't make mention of them, therefore rendering them as good as non-existent. Grrr...I hate having nothing to write about.

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